We Are Brothers, Skateboarders, Americans, and Muslims

Osama and Ayman happen to share the same name as current and former leaders of Al Qaeda and the alleged masterminds behind the 9/11 terrorist attacks (Osama Bin Laden & Dr Ayman Al Zawahiri). They have paid a price in an increasingly hostile world where ignorance has fueled an ever increasing level of Islamophobia. Other than possessing the same name as two of Americas most wanted enemies, Osama and Ayman live a very different life. 

The pair are devout Muslims and avid skateboarders that shred with their homies on the streets religiously. They are also both highly educated, with Ayman working as an IT specialist at Nasa, and Osama working as an electrical engineer. But their hustle doesn't just stop there! Together they have also worked tiresomely to found the hugely popular skate brand Carpet Company

In this documentary, we get a glimpse into their everyday life to see for ourselves that they are simply ordinary American citizens like everyone else. We also get to understand their daily struggles as devout Muslims growing up in an increasingly hostile environment.


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