Crick Ledge Has SkateStoppers FITTED!🖕🏼 📖

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The Francis Crick Institute was established in 2010. The building serves as a research institute boasting some of the latest technology and costing close to a staggering £700 million to construct.

Since its inception, there have been two ledges located behind the building directly opposite the back entrance on Brill Place. For us at Ça Va London, the ledges were particularly special as our office is located only a stone's throw away from the ledge. Myself, Adam and Steve were probably the first skateboard enthusiasts to discover the spot.

George’s 50-50 on the Crick Ledge for the Trinity edit


The ledge commonly referred to as "The Crick Ledge" quickly became an iconic spot for skaters in and around Camden. For over a decade, we have gathered at this spot taking advantage of the two ledges. It was beyond saddening to see that after almost 11 years, The Francis Crick Institute had skatestoppers fitted in order to prevent locals from apparently “damaging the area” as they put it. It is noteworthy that other than the remnants of skate wax, there has never been a single bit of actual damage to anything in the area caused by skaters.


The famous ledge on Brill Place


The ledge after skatestoppers were fitted in Jan 2021


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