The Luan Oliveira Story | PUSH: Remastered

Luan Oliveira is arguably one of the best, most popular and most beloved skateboarders of all time. If you were ever curious about him in any way; where he came from, what he thinks, what he does with his time, or just simply how he talks, you’re in the right place. PUSH: REMASTERED is the reimagining of The Berrics’ groundbreaking series edited down into one definitive film about Luan. It isn’t just a personal journey you’ll be taking with him but a professional one too as we show you all that went into the making of a his seminal PUSH part. Packaged in one beautiful and poetic vision, hold tight and prepare to be reminded, once again, why Luan Oliveira is your favorite skater and why he will go down in history as one of the best to ever do it.

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