Sustainability & Modern Slavery

“Whilst we strive to provide a quality product with a luxury experience, we also try our utmost to ensure we do our part in reducing the harm we cause in the process to Mother Earth”

We offer Carbon Neutral shipping-see here for our commitment. We no longer use plastic delivery bags which have been replaced by recyclable delivery boxes. Close to 50% of the swing tags we currently use are made with recycled paper. Our clothing boxes (frequently used in store) are Eco friendly and the manufacturer is FSC certified. Where possible, we also use recycled polyester for our apparel. A large portion of our printed buttons are made using natural raw materials as opposed to buttons produced using synthesised chemical elements. 

Most importantly, respect for human rights and labour rights is fundamental to our production. Therefore, we only work with reputable factories that can prove they adhere to our values in terms of minimising damage to the environment and strictly adhering to labor laws. We understand concerns relating to modern day slavery in the fashion industry and this is unfortunately rife within fast fashion. We are far from being a fast fashion company and work with two major apparel and headwear suppliers in addition to another two manufacturers that are responsible for producing our packaging. All four suppliers have been inspected and certified by the local government. Our garment suppliers have been certified by the world recognised organisation Amfori that has fully inspected our garment suppliers in order to confirm their adherence to ethical practices within the work premises. This means that workers receive adequate pay, are not overworked, are given regular breaks and that the environment complies with all health and safety regulations. Furthermore, we have personally visited the factories of all our suppliers in order to witness first hand how our products are manufactured. 

We are constantly looking for ways to improve our practices and reduce our carbon footprint while maintaining an affordable price point for the community we serve. We understand there is always room for improvement in this regard and welcome any ideas or suggestions.