Skating a Museum After Hours

London’s Natural History Museum is famous throughout the world both for its collections (including the giant blue whale skeleton known as Hope) and the architectural sweep of the building itself.

Open since the 1880’s, the city’s grandest museum is a mere stone’s throw from the Royal Albert Hall location of our 2016 Hold The Line contest, and so when the opportunity to get locked into the space’s possibilities arose, we were all-in.

From Argentina, Belgium, the Philippines and Brazil four of our favourite women in the world answered the call to skate one of the world’s most famous locations for one night only. Margie Didal, @LeticiaBufoni , Lore Bruggeman and Aldana Bertran all converged for a never-to-be-repeated skate session inside the fabled halls- all on the proviso that whatever went down nothing got broken!

With just a few minor mods required the session was on, with an injured Margie in charge of hype duties throughout the night as our squad bagged as much footage as they could from an almost unbelievably photogenic environment.

Enjoy their new mini-film from this once-in-a-lifetime shared experience as we continue to take skateboarding everywhere we can!

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