Celentani Projects 'Troubleshooters'

Trouble Shooters is considered by many in skateboarding to be the most technical independent skate video ever made during the street skating revolution of the late '90s.

Rooted from the ashes of H-STREET talent pool, this San Diego based video was originally picked up and distributed by Osiris (Alias, formerly H-Street), then Foundation (Tum Yeto) and Planet Earth (Atlas) creating a pricing war between the greed balls that ran those companies back then.

This video would sell up $60 a copy in shops and In those days, that was considered "PLAN B video pricing" not some bullsh*t forced to rush release 411VM. So it is top quality even by todays standards!

It's fact that a substantial number of the technical tricks performed in Troubleshooters had never been seen on tape until it was released in November of 1997.

You will see a whole new level of innovation in this video. So grab yourself some snacks and a beer, sit back and enjoy this golden oldie!

Featuring; Aaron Snyder, Andy MacDonald, Chad Knight, Dave CoyneDave Mayhew & Kanten Russell


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  • 🔥 🔥

    Mike P Anderson on
  • Brought back some good memories

    Justin on
  • You can’t beat a good old 90s vid. Daxters 5 0 was gnarly

    Joseph Khosh on
  • aint watched this since 2000. 21 years gone quick. these were good old days
    Sergio on
  • Good Lord!

    Sean on

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